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SATS Gauteng Chapter News (October 2013)

We have come to the end of another year. Almost unbelievable. It happened so fast! Each day rolled into another, and now we are already planning for 2014. For the Gauteng Chapter it was a year full of challenges, but also achievements We had t say goodbye to some friends and Colluegues, but we also rejoiced with others that recovered after illness or bereavement We nominated some outstanding members for special awards, and we launched the Special Villi Pieterse award, that will be uniquely awarded to a student in our Chapter. We planned 3 educational programs with the help and sponsorship of Kimberly- Clark. The average turnout at these programs being 60 members, per day. We engaged with dynamic speakers over a wide range of topics that catered to the needs we identified through the participation and feed back of our members

The Gauteng Chapter together with some support from our friends in Pretoria worked through the final draft of our new Constitution, suggested a new name for our organistion,and completed the final draft of the by laws and management regulations of the organization. All of this was submitted to the President and the Executive Board for approval.

We live in exciting times” Change is the law of life. Those who look to the past or present are certain to miss the future” (JF Kennedy) We believe that we are the future, we the peri-operative practitioners of today. With your participation we will set the pace for the future, never looking back.

Abraham Lincoln said that “In the end it is not the years in your life that count but the life in in your years” Is that not ever so true? Our heartfelt thanks go to all our members, the Trade that supported us and speakers that shared their time and knowledge with us. It is difficult to spend your day off at a study day, especially after a busy work week. You have shopping to do ,Chores to attend to, children to spend some time with, however it was heart warming to see you turn up, every time we offered a program. Your attendance and participation makes it worth the while.

We, the President and the Board of the SATS Gauteng Chapter, thank you, wish you safe and blessed festive season, and hope to see you with a friend at the first study day in 2014. We need your support, to make things happen, to speak for you! To make the changes that is necessary to sustain our Chapter! JFKennedy said “” Things do not happen; they are made to happen “You will make it happen for SATS Gauteng!

Never forget to give us feedback, or to share your ideas and thought with us. We can only grow with your help, and through nurturing and caring for one another become the best we can ever be!

The great President Franklin Roosevelt said “Nobody cares how much you know, until they know how much you care!

Villi Pieterse (Gauteng Board)
Marilyn de Meyer(President)