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SATS Gauteng Chapter News (November 2014)

Once again it is that time of the year that we reflect on all that was done, achieved or not achieved during the past year. We also consider all the good intentions we had at the beginning of the year which fell by the wayside.

To quote one of the speakers at our last study day “Will your legacy be seen in the hall of fame or the hall of shame?”Will you be remembered with pride?

SATS Gauteng hosted four educational programmes in 2014, with an average attendance of 120 delegates at each throughout the year. We are ever so grateful to you our members for your tremendous support. Your presence has encouraged us to think out of the box and to bring you programmes that covered a diversity of interesting and relevant topics. All our speakers were well prepared and knowledgeable. Our heartfelt appreciation goes to all of them.

Nothing is ever achieved without the help of others! We as a Board depend on our support system as well as the contribution that is made, by you the members and our friends in commerce. We can not thank you enough! Your support is like a pair of gloves. They fit snuggly and perfectly over our hands, so that we can perform our task with excellence!

At the June meeting Mrs. de Meyer introduced us all to the attendance certificate that in future will be available to all delegates. As our membership increases we hope to be able to link this to the internet so that it can be downloaded to your computer. She also shared with us the provisional information on the 2015 Conference at Bela-Bela. Please visit the SATS website for more on this.

Last but not least, remember to identify the “”Stars”” in your peri-operative setting and if they are SATS members, and meet the criteria, nominate them for one of our prestigious awards. More information on this from your Chapter or www.theatrenurse.co.za.

Remember to diarize the following dates:

We will meet you all again on the above dates at the offices of Medhold, the very efficient host of our educational days.

As we move into 2015, I believe that we as peri-operative practitioners can do so with confidence and courage. Throughout 2014 we have prepared ourselves by updating our knowledge and skills and learning from each other through participation and interaction.

On behalf of the President and the Board, I would like to wish you and your loved ones a peaceful and happy Festive Season. Travel safely, enjoy the company of family and friends, and if you have to work – remember your dedication and commitment is valued!

God Bless!

Villi Pieterse (082 747 7187) (Hon life President)
Marilyn de Meyer (084 561 3995) (Gauteng President)