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Gauteng Chapter News (November 2011)

By now most of us will start to reflect on the year 2011. What did this year mean to you? Was it GOOD or BAD?? Or just so-so!

In every family there will have been some sorrow, some joy, some hope, some disappointment, encouragement and much more. However if we sit quietly for just a moment and think about 2011, we have to be thankful! Thankful for our health, our families, the work that we do, the friends that we have. The opportunity to learn, to progress, and to give back something, to those who depend on us.

The Gauteng Chapter has had an exceptionally good year. We hosted 4 study days and a three day congress, with an average delegate attendance of 100 per study day. Over 400 delegates attended the congress at the Birchwood Hotel, and we were the first chapter to host the IFPN meeting in South Africa. A very busy year, in all, but with the best outcomes ever!

The challenges within the profession, got us looking at legal issues, disciplinary aspects, new innovations, basics that can never be forgotten, our social responsibility, and in-between we had some fun!

The Chapter Board has been active in their objective to grow the membership of the Chapter and we are grateful to report that we did just that! At the award ceremony, we accepted the Trophy for the fastest growing chapter, with pride! Wow! What an achievement! We believe that personal contact is the way to go. So many peri-operative practioners never see or hear anything from their local chapter. We know now how difficult it is for them to travel to educational days, or participate in programmes. Our objective for 2012 will certainly include finding a way to overcome this.We will keep you informed!

Our first priority for 2012; however, is to have an AGM. Through this news letter we would like to invite you to be there. Be part of the process of the election of YOUR Chapter Board. Participate by nominating suitable candidates to serve. This person must be an active Member, prepared to travel to meetings, use her iniative to plan programmes, and in general just be committed to walk that extra mile. Never nominate a person without her knowledge, discuss the proposal first and make sure he/she will be able to do what is required. Remember you can only participate in the election process, if you and your nominee are SATS members! We all have lots of responsibilities, working as a Board member will add another!!

Slot in these important study day dates on your 2012 calendar. 25th February 2012
26th May 2012
25th August 2012
27th October 2012

To you our members we say thank you! Every time you attended a programme, you rewarded our efforts, and we salute you!! Our appreciation ,includes our friends at Kimberly Clark, for the use of their venue, and all the other companies who supported us so generously in 2011

It is time to slow the clock down. Spend some time on other priorities. Go on holiday, buy a new dress, make a new friend! There WILL be a new year with its own challenges, but I know together we will face them with courage, love and goodwill.

From the President, Mrs. Marilyn de Meyer and the Gauteng Chapter Board—be safe, enjoy, and the richest blessings to you and yours, and we invite YOU to be there on the 25th February2012. You can not afford to miss it!!

Yours in peri-operative care
Villi Pieterse 082 747 7187
Marilyn de Meyer 084 561 3995