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SATS Gauteng News Letter (May 2012)

The hour glass for 2012 is almost halfway. Unbelievable to think that we are awaiting and preparing for another winter. The saying goes that “Time Flies” but if you think about it, “TIME” is the one thing in life that we can never have enough of, and yet it is also the one thing that we do not appreciate, or spend wisely.

The Gauteng Chapter hosted their second educational day on the 26th May 2012. Our members requested a day spent on basic procedures, and we included

  • Swab count,
  • Checking of the Anaesthetic machine,
  • Instrument care
  • Closing of packs
  • Gloving and gowning.

Amongst others.

The support from our members was overwhelming, as we had 115 people attending this workshop. The group was divided into 6 smaller groups that circulated amongst the stations every 20 minutes. Some very interesting discussions came from our participants. I would like to share some of these with you.

  • Where do we as peri-operative practioners stand in regards to handing over the count in the middle of a procedure, and why are circulators allowed to just leave the theatre, to go home when they have counted? I am sure this sounds very bizarre to some of you, but it happens!! This is a sensitive matter that causes a lot of stress for the practitioner.
  • Secondly the matter of the ever diminishing number of peri-operative practitioners available in our hospitals, to do not less work but more. We all know that there is an ever increasing demand for more work in less hours. Very few new trainees are recruited into the peri-operative field, as nobody voluntarily will choose the unsociable hours we work, and the stress that is part of the peri-operative practitioners life. Presently the average age in the discipline is 47years and the number of practitioners registered with the Council only 2700! Makes you think!!
  • Thirdly the question was asked, what SATS as the voice of peri-operative nurses are doing to bring these matters to the attention of the authorities? Well I would like to invite you all to send your concerns to either myself or to our President Mrs. de Meyer, and we WILL do something. We may not change anything but we can always be heard. However we need your mandate to speak on your behalf! That means you have to be a MEMBER! You can contact any of the Chapters if you need information. However, if, you find that difficult pose your question on the Website, or contact myself or Marilyn

To the companies who so generously supported us on the 26th May or heartfelt thanks. You shared your knowledge, expertise and time with us, and it is much appreciated. Our next study day on the 25th August2012 will deal with some of the legal issues that we are encountering. Always a controversial subject, but with ever increasing challenges, to the Profession.

We practice in a period of time where we have become targets of litigation, and it is important that we know the pitfalls, to protect not only ourselves, but most importantly those in our care.

So, let us not waste our precious time. Soon the hour glass will be empty. Then it will be too late to share your knowledge, to become as competent as you can and to improve your skills. That will ensure that you will be the one that will practice with confidence as well as caring for the vulnerable in the best way ever.

We are happy to report that Marilyn is recovering at home after her surgery. Our best wishes go to her on the road to better health.

The Gauteng President and Board wish you all a warm and safe winter.

Be sure to join us on the 25th August2012. Mark the this date as very important.

Joining the Gauteng Chapter will not be a WASTE of your precious time!!

Together in peri-operative care.

Villi Pieterse 082 7477187(vpieterse67@gmail.com)
Marilyn de Meyer (Pres) 084 561 3995