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SATS Gauteng Chapter News (July 2014)

It was a very cold winter’s morning in June when we gathered at the offices of Kimberly-Clark for the last time to present our middle of the Year educational programme.

Due to changes in the running of Kimberly-Clark, and because of the increase in the number of delegates attending our programmes we had to make a change in the use of venue. It is a privilege to thank Maryna de Lange and her team at Kimberley-Clark for their support we received at all times. We really do appreciate all the effort that went into every day that was organized and we hope to welcome them as special friends to our educational programmes in future.

The topic for our programme was a request submitted by our members. We touched on ethics, patient safety, team building, staffing, the care of instruments and the preparation of the OR. Thanks go to all our speakers for sharing their time and knowledge with us. It is greatly appreciated. Thanks also to the members who took the time and effort and submitted such an important topic that could benefit all who attended.

Delegates came from far and wide. A special welcome goes to the ladies from Klerksdorp, Carletonville, Leratong, and many other hospitals. It was great to see and meet you all. We really appreciate the effort that you make. We know getting up early on a cold day, possibly your only day off, is a sacrifice, but we do hope that you went home with a renewed passion for perioperative practice and safe patient care.

The Gauteng chapter has applied to SANC to be accredited for CPD points. The process of CPD points will come into practice during the coming months, once it has been finalized by the Council. When it does, we would like to be ready to give all our members the opportunity to earn points at our educational days. So-please register and become a member so that you can benefit from this initiative.

The 2015 SATS conference will be held at Bela Bela. More information is available on our website (www.theatrenurse.co.za) or from your Chapter president. Transport will be arranged from the airport to the venue in Bela Bela. Accommodation will be provided at the venue, but the details on securing the same will be available later and for your own account. Due to rising costs, it is important for all our members to keep up their membership, and to encourage others to join, as special rates will apply for members.

The venue for our next educational programme will be at Medhold.(27September2014) We wish to thank Ina Buitenbos and her team for being able to accommodate us

Your next programme will include a map to the venue. It is close to the highway and only about 7 kilometers away from Kimberly-Clark.

To all those from Commerce, who support the Gauteng Chapter, we salute you!

Please share your news letter with colleagues, and encourage them to join. This is your organization and we need each and every perioperative practitioner, to give us their voice and support.

It is with sadness that we have learnt of the passing of Theo Estpost, husband of Carien, our former SATS secretary and editor of our Journal for many years. Carien we hold you and your family in our prayers.

Thank you once again for your support in attending our educational days.

Be safe, be warm and we will see you next time, when we will continue sharing knowledge with each other.

Together in perioperative care
Villi Pieterse (082747 7187)
Marilyn de Meyer (084 561 3995) President