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APPSA Gauteng Chapter News (March/April 2016)

As we move into the most beautiful time of the year, and getting ready for winter, we realize that once again the year is rolling on, and we will be losing control if we do not step up and grab life with both hands.

The great Mr. N Mandela said””Education is the most powerful weapon witch you can use to change the world””

Exactly what we at the APPSA Gauteng chapter are aiming for. We believe that education will lead to patient safety, best practice, and the ability to manage the many challenges that peri-operative practitioners have to face daily.

At our educational day on the 5th March at the offices of Medhold,our programme “”Came full Circle”” thanks to the hard work of Ina Buitenbos and her staff at Medhold, and other friends in Commerce. The turn out was overwhelming. People travelled from Mpumalanga and North West as well as from Limpopo. Thank you to all for making such an effort!

We had very positive feedback from this day, and that encourages us to move forward and to try again. However it is important that you the members keep up your communication with us consistenly, so that we can plan programmes according to your needs.

On the 21st May we will be presenting another excellent programme. Bringing some information on identified relevant questions. So mark this date, spread the word to friends and colleagues, and make sure that you do not miss this

Just a gentle reminder that APPSA membership fees are now due! Next year Congress will be in Bloemfontein, and members have certain benefits like reduced fees when they book for congress. We also hope to be able to put some money towards sponsoring deserving members. So, it is certainly worth being a member!

“Education is the passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to those who prepare today””MalcolmX

Do not forget about the new Chapter in Mpumalanga. This is an opportunity for members living away from Gauteng to update their knowledge and skills close to home. Please support them. They really want this effort to sucessfull, but they do need your support!!

See you soon, be safe and God bless

Together in Peri-operative care we can only be better

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Marilyn de Meyer (President) 084 561 3995